With the trend of ecotourism growing rapidly, Watad designs, supplies, and develop high-quality and environmentally sustainable ‘glamping’ accommodation.

Our hospitality experts work closely with each client to bring their vision to life; offering cost-effective, customisable, and long-lasting ‘glamping’ solutions.

Watad Resorts offers turnkey support, from initial design through to build and maintenance to ensure we enhance guest experience and deliver world-class destinations.

We are more than just a luxury tent suppliers, we are your eco-experience partners.


Committed to finding high quality, re-deployable solutions, Watad has distinguished itself through the adoption of best practises in off-site speed construction projects such as modular building, flat-pack, and steel structure building. The reduced construction time ensures faster occupancy and therefore maximising return on investment compared with regular construction.

Watad’s invaluable experience in modular construction and prefabricated structures, means they are able to fulfil client’s requirements while maintaining the international standards of traditional construction.

Watad’s diverse and skilled team ensure each project delivers on time and on budget.


Watad designs and develops bespoke duplex apartments townhouses, offering exceptional value for money and premium-quality homes.

The team prides itself on delivering a professional and assured approach striving to make a deep lasting contribution to the quality of life of our end users.


We specialize in fast re-deployable military camps using specialty containers and soft walled shelters (tents) as the platform for the integrating systems that are required to meet clients’ operational needs.

We design, supply, and install airtransportable, energy efficient, redeployable, integrated camps & shelter systems, that provide clients with custom deployed capability for use in all around the world.