Safari Camp NAMBIA 250 Man Turn-Key Camp Western Sahara

Tropical Resort Seychelles

Watad Company

Watad is a Saudi company specialized in providing housing, living, and re-deployable solutions through our world leading exclusive partners as manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors.

Our products consist of tents and modular units that accommodates for safari camps and game reserves, luxury lodges, and resorts, as well as turnkey re-deployable camp solutions and mobile shelter systems.


Vision and Value

Watad’s vision of sustainability, quality and utilization of plentiful surrounding countryside and space sets it apart from competition.


Environmentally Friendly:

Cost-effective, quality, aesthetically appealing and environmentally sustainable accommodation


Full Turnkey Integrated Solutions:

With a specialized in-house team of designers and engineers, we offer luxury solutions. We can ensure to exceed expectations and meet timelines


Quality, Reliability & Durability:

Materials used are tested according to international standards in our on-site laboratory. Our expert in-house skills include R&D, designing and production, testing, quality programmes and logistics


Manufacturing Experience:

We offer you knowledge which sets us apart from our competitors and has established us as the leading supplier to the military, safari destinations, holiday resorts, humanitarian organizations, and adventurers



Watad has a great experience and network in the business of high-end hospitality


Watad specializes in fast re-deployable military camps using special containers

Special Projects

Watad utilizes its expertise and network to accommodate to the client needs.

Trusted partners